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MLFC members conducted a survey with 77 farmers across the Midlands area of South Carolina. The results of this survey were published in October, 2014 in a USC policy brief, Growth and Representation: Decreasing Barriers and Creating Networks Supporting Food Producing Farmers in South Carolina’s Midlands.

Survey Overview:

  • 77% of farmers are interested in selling through outlets they do not currently use.

  • 88% of farmers were not GAP certified, with many not knowing what GAP was.

  • 30% of farmers said they would hire farm labor (or more farm labor) if it were accessible.

  • 62% of farmers surveyed are Certified SC Grown. Other than 'Word of Mouth', Certified SC Grown was the #1 way that farmers marketed themselves.

Over the past 5 years:

  • 50% of farmers have seen their profits increase.

  • 67% of farmers have seen an increase in their number of customers.

  • 58% of farmers have increased their production.

(Welborn & Draper, 2014)

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