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Exciting News for the USC Soil Health Labs

Gabe Kenne, Dr. Buz Kloot, and their USC Soil Health Labs have been hard at work compiling all of the scientific, instructional, and educational material created/involved in within the last decade. The reason? Soil Health Labs is officially launching a brand-new website, ripe with videos, podcasts, blogs, and other free digital or print resources that you and your peers may find useful in your own soil health journeys. Their website is now live and populated with a variety of content:


Stay tuned for engaging, informative, and entertaining projects and content shared on their brand-new website, as well as regular video, podcast, and written content moving forward.

The Soil Health Labs have released their first SC-specific podcast as an introduction to what they are up to. To have a listen, check out

Connect with the USC Soil Health Labs on social media:

About Soil Health Labs: Soil Health Labs is dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture through innovative research and practical solutions. By bridging the gap between science and the field, we empower farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to nurture healthier soils and more resilient ecosystems.

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